(29 November 1799 – 4 March 1888 / Wolcutt, Connecticutt)


FREEDOM’S first champion in our fettered land!
Nor politician nor base citizen
Could gibbet thee, nor silence, nor withstand.
Thy trenchant and emancipating pen
The patriot Lincoln snatched with steady hand,
Writing his name and thine on parchment white,
’Midst war’s resistless and ensanguined flood;
Then held that proclamation high in sight
Before his fratricidal country men,—
“Freedom henceforth throughout the land for all,”—
And sealed the instrument with his own blood,
Bowing his mighty strength for slavery’s fall;
Whilst thou, stanch friend of largest liberty,
Survived,—its ruin and our peace to see.

by Amos Bronson Alcott

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greatly brilliant on freedom - Freedom henceforth throughout the land for all, ”— And sealed the instrument with his own blood, //// OH! the freedom is the dome of blood or it the doom of free! no dome or doom this is clever instrumental word of businessmen!
Such a great write by Amos Bronson Alcott👍👍👍
Liberty! ! Freedom to all mankind without racism! Thanks for sharing.
A well penned write. It has many memorable stanzas.