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Garter Snake

I slither and I crawl around
through grass and rocks and dirt.
Please don't jump when you see me;
I don't mean any hurt.

I'm long and thin and not so big,
but have my place I life.
I eat bugs and pesky things,
so you don't have that strife.

I like to hunt among the fronds
of ferns down in the marsh.
Lying there, I wait my prey;
please don't judge me as harsh.

I like to bask out in the sun,
so I'll absorb its rays.
I crawl in a rocky nook
on cold and rainy days.

When comes the winter, dark and drear,
I hibernate myself.
Like to sleep with all my friends,
sometimes up on a shelf.

When happy springtime comes around,
I crawl from my snug den.
I woo all the girls I find
and have some kids, often.

by Terry Hoffman

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