Poem By Katelynn Farris

As she takes the thin piece of metal from her skin,
She knows that her pain is at its end.
Whirling and twirling the room begins to spin.
Nobody or nothing has came to impend.
As she exhales her last breath of air,
Her problems seem so distant, no situations in the near.
As god has came and answered her last prayer.
As the girl that you left in the shadows is soon to disappear.
Cant you just see her lying there?
Merely dying there?
Red streams flowing down her arms.
How could you be so unaware?
Was she setting off no alarms?
Her eyes roll back, Her body finally at peace.
Her legacy no more torcher or pain.
Her body so collected and gentle.
All her emotions she hath slain.
Nobody to be judgmental.
Her last wish unfailing.

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