(04 October 1943 / Germany)


He had released a bit of gas
and felt a need to scratch his ass.
He was in public and he stank,
considered it a youthful prank.

The English have a thing that states
it's better out than in for mates.
And on a tram, to beat the static
it can be rather aromatic.

So, let us celebrate the bang
it beats the well-known hunger pang.
Foul gasses that cause misery
will fade away once they are free.

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Ecsquisit Herbert. The English, who treat this sort of thing in a tight-arsed manner, could not have produce an ode to the fart. Or even seen the benefit, irrespective of their 'better out than in' policy.
You're causing great eruptions here Herbert, perhaps you had better put the lid on it! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Before it blows! ! ! ! ! ! ! Very powerful poem! ! ! ! ! Love Ernestine XXX