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Gatekeeper I - Journeyz...
KA (18th march 1978 / leicester)

Gatekeeper I - Journeyz...

Whoever, you are,
whatever, you do,
Listen to me,
& you will pull through,
Life will be hard, life will be fun,
Sometimes you’ll walk,
& others you’ll run

Whether you’re there,
or whether you’re here,
Events you’ll greet, others you’ll fear,
Strangers will smile,
& become your friends,
Leaving you drained,
& at loose ends,

Who ever you are,
What ever you do,
Tell no lies, & remain to be true,
Things may go wrong, & things may fall down,
Reducing your smile, right down to a frown,

Sometimes you’ll want,
& others you WON’T,
Pretend friends, that I don’t,
As you walk, the steps of life,
Embrace yourself,
for the strife,

Lots of lessons, still yet to learn,
All rewards, you have to earn,
Hold your head up, with a big smile,
It’ll all turn out,
but may take a while..

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