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Gatekeeper V: Konfirmationz
KA (18th march 1978 / leicester)

Gatekeeper V: Konfirmationz

Go out & heal,
With the mysteries you reveal,
& unlock the seal,
That makes TRUTH so real,
& make the people feel,
The power behind your zeal…
As you begin to peel,
The layers of the surreal…

Lover of fountains,
Mover of mountains,
Awaken your strength,
& go the whole length…

Dispell the delusion...
Of MAYA’s illusion..
And create the FUSION…
Of harmonic RE-UNION…

Only then can a NATION,
Be called a CREATION,
And not seperation,
Or foolish desperation,
That causes segregation,
Shattering our cause, for CELEBRATION..

What a world, we seem to be living in…
A place full, of the evil mans sin,
How will the power of love ever win?
Whilst the devil chuckles with his evil grin?
To make things worse, we’ve created a curse…
Which we’ll NOT be able to REVERSE….
Which will cause us all to DISPERSE….

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