Peace Is The Hallmark Of Freedom! - Joshua Aaron Guillory

Peace is the hallmark of freedom! - Joshua Aaron Guillory

by Joshua Aaron Guillory

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Invisible hope shines with beauty of expression on face. Revisiting this poem we really very glad. An interesting poem is excellently penned.10
For Gaudi perhaps his hopes had been realized and certainly seen; his Sagrada Famiia being one of the most popular attraction in Spain and with a number of his creations being declared World Heritage sites. Your poem is most inspiring, Thank you Mj
Invisible to others, and to our superficial self, is hope. But it lies deep within. Just waiting. For a flicker of light. Then it starts to unfold. The adventure of self-discovery has begun. And when it's over, the brilliant light will spread throughout the universe. M.J., as always, your poetry inspires. And empowers! This beauty has inspired me to empower with a new poem. I'll inform you when it's ready. Keep on writing these beauties! All The Best In The New Year! !
Hi Mark, contrast of frame and face and sprinkles of hope. hope plays the role of some secret! ! OK, let's admire the look and attitude hopefully the inner is also beautiful.
I feel strong and feel a bit electric in my pulse reading the spirit of this work, beautiful Gaudi building, its uniqueness, and make us feel like lets do it because we could it, just like that piece...the strong beam..Gaudi Inspired!
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