MK ( / South Africa)

Gauteng Limericks (A South African Province)

Steven Sondheim wrote the following verse but, as he said:

To find a rhyme for silver
Or any ‘rhymeless’ rhyme
Requires only will, ver-
Bosity and time.

Silver - willver!

So, likewise with me:

To find a rhyme for Gauteng
Or any ‘rhymeless’ rhyme
Just give me Hau! teng
minutes of your time………

Ergo Gauteng - Hauteng!

All of which leads to……..

A student of math in Gauteng
To his pal was heard saying ‘Hau! teng
Quid to a dollar
My Dad I will follow
To that great seat of learning Rauteng.’

If bells rang out over Monaheng
And indeed over all of Gauteng
We’d shout out ‘Halala * * Halala – celebrate
No more bulala Bulala – killing
Teng-aleng, teng-aleng, teng-aleng.’

All sorts of people in Lekaneng
Lonehill and right through Gauteng
Like Smarties all colours
The brights and the dullers
We’re sweeties galore, mix ‘n meng.

There’s talk of renaming Gauteng
And the poodles have chosen Bowteng
But the point although moo-t
Leaves no one in doo-t
That the bovines will win with Cowteng

by Margaret Kollmer

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