To find our forgotten humanity
We gazed not at the stars
In Wonder
But into each others eyes
In search
Of ourselves
Of the you in me, the me in you
We found discomfort
But continued
We saw anger, confusion, sadness
Take form on our faces
Our bodies shifted but
Our gaze kept steady
Suspicion slowly veiled your face
Arousing surprise in mine
Intensifying with curiosity
Causing fear in yours
All the fibers in my body engaged
They wanted you to trust
Desperately to trust
To not hide in fear
But to come out and play
So we can be near
Slowly your eyes changed
squinting with some uncertainty
There was no room for discomfort
Only a confidence that would wait
For what finally came
Our eyes softened
Faces relaxed
We found trust
We found each other!
Now we could go in search of the stars ✨

by Caroline Noonan

Comments (4)

I loved this poem Gazing as well as My Frozen Body. I could not leave these two pages, I had to read them again and again. Please keep on writing.
A beautiful poem so insightful...thanks for sharing...10
Caroline, such a heartwarming poem👍👍👍
forgotten humanity, good one.