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Gazing In The Moonlight (C) 6-29-09
CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

Gazing In The Moonlight (C) 6-29-09

Gazing into the moonlight
I begin to think of how destined
To find the pieces of the scattered love of my lover
Speaking to her in the wind,
Sensually but not sexually
I embrace her feeling the beams of anxiety
Tempt me to touch her more and more
Silent whispers of joy sing into my heart
And subtle bangs of Nervousness peaks into my belly
I try to speak to her in ways that’ll arouse her outgoing spirit
But she is just too coy
I love her for her brilliance and her unique timorous attitude
Who would’ve known someone so timid
Could be so erotic so exuberant, Oh,
I want her and I need her lord knows I can’t live without her
Her presence brings me a not so subtle solace
For I shall demolish her troubled conscience
I’ll encompass my heart in her knowledge
And keep it so her freedoms obliged
I speak with a sharp tongue but the edges are heart shaped
Piercing through to her soul is all I need in life
I wish to gain her approval, love, and loyalty
I think of all these things all while,
Gazing into the moonlight

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