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Geese (A Child's Poem)

Geese are weird but losely-useful.
They wibble-wobble as they go
Around the barnyard, gracely-gooseful.
Watch them waddle to-and-fro.

They visit with the friendly cowses
To gibble-gabble over tea.
'Oh, have you heard that Old Bow-Wowses
Chased Catlee-Furball up a tree? '

Then, toddling home to downy houses,
They splash through muddle-puddles brown.
The rickus-ruckus they arouses
Makes Hissy-Horsey scowly-frown.

So off they strut with wiggle-waggle,
So slippy-sloppy in their gait,
Toward their nests where raggle-taggle
Grumpy goosey-ganders wait.

They settle down with snuggle-huggles
As sparkle-starkles blink and peep.
As snug as tiny bedly-buggles,
They oddly-noddly fall asleep.

Robert S. Clarke
Copyright 1996

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Thanks...will share this with my son tonight. He will enjoy as much as I did I'm sure.