conversation between krishna and arjun-an extension of series aired through bsnl

krishna said:

books are gnawed by termites;
brain forgets!
knowledge fades? .'
only material wealth lasts, ....parth
'what is uchitam? '

parth complained

yadav u r supposed 2 give answers.
now u r askin' question.
how can m reply?
i'm ignorant.

krish replied

kireedi, what u'll feel
if i said as war is over n' I 've attained my ends I don't need u anymore?
think hard n' answer.
meanwhile I'll prefer a few days of lust n' pleasure 2 sweat n' toil.
i'll wait 4 ur reply till it comes.

PARTH wept, smiled, strived hard 2 think & muttered difidently,

O mi lord,
from primitive memory,
a distantdesert wind of scorchin' cold is murmurin' unclear syllables n' am tryin' hard 2 listen & decipher.
pls wait.

seconds hobbled past timeless shadows.....
on a dry leaf is drippin' tears emanatin' from a dead dream.,
parth sat sweatin'?
Sweatdrops bedewin' dry sand...,

a devastated cloud covered the settin' sun....
while light faded parth wailed, o paramathman u should 've directed my begetter 2 sent me 2 Vyas 2 acquire d craft of weavin'words
rather than 2 drona 2 learn d chores of archery.

krish muttered in a language he had lost mastery on

'na bhujyathe vyakaranam kshudadurai
pipasithe kavyaraso na peeyathe......'

pls wait.

by burny peter

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Biblical burden clouds your thinking Burny. Bhagavad Geeta is no semitic humbug; Strongly suggest you stick to Sunday School theatre. You excelled in it, and were well known through out Palarivattom circles, for it. Even Reeja knew your artistic abilities wouldnt go beyond Sunday School.