The ethereal feeling is over
Green eyed monsters occupy
the mind's expanse.
For the duality is overwhelming.

They are always two to choose.
Two to ignore, two to change,
two to wake up to, two to sleep over,
two to take, two to slake.

When you want to, you can't
When you can't, you're coerced
The game goes on...With you and me.

Brutus felt it, Judas acted on it,
Still it's the same two-step dance
Where everything loses its stance
and everyone rakes in the guilt.

It's a sign. It's a trap,
We'll all fall into it.
Knowing two can't save anyone,
Because decisions are meant to be
one. And this time two's definitely
not company.

by Praveen Rao

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Hi, Nice prose. Liked it :)