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Gemini Bliss
NA ( / Kingston, Ontario.)

Gemini Bliss

Poem By Natasha Ashwe

He sucks out my brain when he speaks
And I'd like to cup his in a glass
Watch it monkey dance like mine
My fellow gemini
I watch him on the phone with an ex
Who just got married
See him smile while his stare dry cries
I know he wants to die
But it is only a moment to pass
While I harass
Some guy sitting with us for a story

He tells me he's shy
And it's such a lie
I know it coz I feel shy that way too;
Talking non-stop about nothing
Telling my day in picture words with no feelings attached
Then suddenly too obviously to be taken seriously
Gleefully we declare that we are priviledged
I couldn't be anything else
Neither can he

He drives fast to go wait for time to slow
I laugh hard from deep inside my throat coz I know
That life is a laughing matter
He likes that most about me
Kisses my cheek twice

He'd asked 'do you want to go out? '
And I'd said no
So he said he'd be over in ten
My hair was a mess but I wanted to have dinner
So I looked for a black dress
Loved it coz it made me look thinner
Walked out the house a different person
Got here but won't eat;
I don't want more than the scene now
I eat people
He knows
He eats people too

He calls the way I used to do
When I thought I was in love
I wake up feeling for my heart every day
Pat, pat... shrug
It's not there
But my smile won't fade away
It blazes bright
Gosh, they make me feel broken and abnormal!
A note to myself;
Maybe I need to tell him there's no heart
I am paper and ink;
I watch and I think
And can't feel any of this
Nope, not really
Yet he should know intimately
The pain killer of gemini bliss.

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Comments (4)

God I love this, it's so brilliant and witty, so typically Gemini! I have Gemini rising and I understand the restlessness and nervous energy you describe here so eloquently! This is a fun poem too.... HG: -) xx
Gemini Bliss.....Sounds like stollen kiss from a well observed moment..... Loved the discriptive narations of this piece, and well placed slapstick humour' this was a very enjoyable read.....
This poem is a very fun roller coaster of a narrative.
I found a lot of good description, vivid language, ironic humor, and keen observation and reflection here!