General Cat (Free Verse Sonnet)

(in answer to Etienne van Heerden)

In the piece of veldt across the road
where at a time were lion cages he lives,
where antelope do constantly graze around him,
out of the range of the people that do hate him,
that views him as a wild cat and do talk surly with him
where he is well fed on field mice and many doves,
at night do lead all of the cats on hunting expeditions
but constantly he yearns for an own mate
and right through the day lays streched out in the hot embrace of the sun,
like a leopard or serval only apparently languid
and when the night comes he is the front general
that treks through the storm-drains with his army
do angrily growl at each suricate, mongoose, mouse and feathered thing
when he and his army go and get them out of their nests.

[Reference: "Opstoker" (Instigator)by Etienne van Heerden.]

© Gert Strydom

by Gert Strydom

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