Generation Gap

Generation Gap

Mohammad was smart
-goo actor, for start
-he played his role well
-faultless and no goof off

He arrived at Ali's
-in their room, with daddy
-and mother, and talking
-Mohammad said: "Hello"

Cultural greetings…
-the boys were in late teens
-took some time with blink:
- "Can we go…Oshtoru…? "

All of them were Baluch
-a shack and hut, mud-house
-in desert and hot sun
-with few oasis, springs

Oshtor in their dialogue
-is "Camel"

That wasn't what boys meant

Idioms and the tongues
-in our hands are like ice
-melt, become some water
-form becomes another
-steam or cloud, fog to snow

Oshtoru to them meant
- "Let us go and have fun
-the youths had their own game
-telling jokes of all kind…
-chasing girls, if could find
-having sex among them
-and if none, finding an animal
-goat or lamb, camel, ass…

Their drug was homemade
-the roots and leaves mixed up
-with snakes' venom or
-tail-tip of scorpion…
-desert's life is also…

by Nassy Fesharaki

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