(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Dear Santa

This year I wish for,
My one desire,
Is to cuddle up to a loved one by the fire,
And spend it with the people that I love,
What else more could one want,
But to be with the people that one loves.

Fame, money, fast cars,
Yes, they would be nice,
But they can’t cuddle you at night,
Fame soon wears thin,
Money soon goes,
And so goes with it people too, .

People you thought loved you for you,
Turn out just to be after what they can get out of you,
When the good times go,
Their friendship goes out like a candle,
With a sudden breeze,
With out any warning their flown away,

So my wish for my loved ones,
Is their health not their wealth,
And just enough money to look after themselves,
Their happiness always but not all their dreams and desires,
Because what you long for is not always what is in your best interest
Some times it eats you alive.

So Santa I hope your listening to me tonight,
When I wished upon a star falling tonight,
That you grant my wishes,
With the good intentions that they are meant with,
That these dreams of mine come through,
That these wishes are kept with people their whole lives through.

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Comments (2)

Humorous but deep as well, nowhere more so than in the final line. G.
Lovely, lovely poem. Thank you so much for closing that predominant age gap with this wonderful poem. Cheers, BWF.