Generation Gap

On a bench in the Mall
sat a man who was old.
When a teen who was tall
sat, without being told
on the bench, flaunting hair
that was green red and blue
in the light there was glare
of a violet hue.
So the grandfather stared
while they sat with a smile
many minutes they shared
in the presence of style.
Said the boy 'have you never
in your life done a deed
that was crazy and clever
and an innermost need? '
Without waiting, the answer
was delivered, ' I drank
in my youth, as a dancer
at the river's steep bank
on a day in December
caught a peacock, had sex
and I clearly remember
coloured feathers, long legs.
For a terror-filled minute
did the thought of that fun
when I really was in it
ask, could you be my son.'

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (2)

Humorous but deep as well, nowhere more so than in the final line. G.
Lovely, lovely poem. Thank you so much for closing that predominant age gap with this wonderful poem. Cheers, BWF.