Generative Extinction: Your Quota

Why do you leave
can’t you stay and give
your exuberant strength
for your nation’s growth.
You change your identity
reject intoto your nationality
for a greener pasture
altering your stature; a caricature.
In allegiance you stand
for others’ land.
Contemptuously you look
on your soil as a toil, a nook.
Come home, let’s like doctors
surgeon on our land as reformators.
Stay back, propagate the future
liberate our generation from torture.
Ignore the societal strata
just avail, your quota.

by Kctony Xtopher Nkwocha

Comments (1)

I love this one! Your pun on surgeon, using it in two senses: performing a healing surgery on the ailing nation, and then sojourning in the nation instead of emigrating. I think it is a truly creative thing. And, are you addressing the import of the poem to people like me? It wont work (laughs) .