Generosity And Tolerance

Generosity and tolerance are a mere fake
If you give, forgive and expect to take.
If you forgive only those you cherish
Tolerance on earth will perish
If you give only what you don't need
The superiority complex you only feed
Meditate on the benevolence people seek
Don't belittle what you can give
Donate what you can and you will exist
Your selfish ego, try to defeat
Unchain your heart, set your soul free
You will be able to reach humanity
Plant a tree which fruit you won't see
Preach peace and love in a world suffering from scarcity
In human rights and appreciation of diversity
Spread your wings in magnanimity
You will change a selfish mentality
Be as magnanimous as a knight in a fairy-tale
Add more colors to a world that looks pale
A peacock is much nicer when it spreads its tail.

by Houda Boukassoula

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