Generous And Kind

The world is same and as it was before
We got to learn from it therefore
Nature is so kind on us
We must have full faith and trust

Why we must lag behind when everyone does?
Why are they so generous and kind on us?
If we catch the sense properly
We can always lead the life very happily

Be generous and give it with lion’s heart
To be donor is lucky sign and very good art
Not all can show the kindness from within
The immense joy makes it worth to live in

How the tree stands tall with all its preserve?
Is it meant to hide from all those who deserve?
The shade is there to give comforts to passers by
The fruits can be had if one sincerely makes effort or tries

So donate generously and earn the fame
If you have enough to give then don’t feel shame
You may be rewarded suitably in due course
At least something untoward may not happen with unknown curse

Believe in what you have and what you can
Make your wishes known and proudly stand
It will afford you an opportunity to serve in earnest
This can be considered as good moment or very best

by Hasmukh Amathalal

Comments (7)

I like the contradiction Linda Bycoskie5 hours ago Wind changes, and that is the message I got
Like 1 hour ago by Priyanshi Dass | Reply A beautiful write. Let the flowing breeze carry the essence of nature. Keep writing. Have a nice day. 1 hour ago by Priyanshi Dass | Reply
very good Larry Stallings1 hour ago unique subject-the wind Comment +1
nice to read Anees Rahman1 hour ago great to read your thoughts about wind, expressing it, is really difficult at times, especially during calamities, yet it is soothing.
great poem Jane Lomas1 minute ago I really like the message behind this poem Comment +1 .
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