Someone Came Knocking

Some one came knocking in the still dark night
Not in ease – the wind keep howling to fight
The hue-ful part of dawn, has switched it color
And now, this terrified bang at my door

Something keep deeming at my heavy eye,
On the blew of sleep
This awkful bang screaming to leap
With a thought I may die.

Wake up; wake up; with my mind compromising
That this touch from nature, I am not realizing.
Oh! ! A wide mind open and deceive
Only to the will of my heart to conceive

My eyes opened for a calling bang
Is it beetles or a nightingale song?
My legs stagnant for a heavy step
In this four walls, with no wail for help

Curtailing a mindful evil thought
With a weak will for my faith, I fought
The rave of my heart bliss and tout
As it seek – senile and draught

Someone came knocking at a deaf corner of my door
And my shutters locked; my might solemn and soar.
The beat of beetles has seize it sound
Where then can this bang be found?

It’s darkly night that scurry fear
At it abrogation, will I dropp for a tear?
My hearts now groans and gush
My soul wear, and rush.

Befitting time heart may call to lace
My eyes may look for solace
At this time body and soul connect
Inside a tenacious heart, phobia reflect

At last, heart arrive at a resolve
To this banging plight to solve
My hand squeaks, and opens as if it’ll never
As I look, it was my midnight lover!

by Godspower Oshodin

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