Genetically Modified

Man with a crab claw
baby with a snout
no more butterflies
G.M.engineered them out

by Adryan Barnathan Click to read full poem

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Great poem loved it it helps me with my exhibition at school.
This reminds the popular saying, as you sow, so you will reap. Thanks for sharing such a nice poem.10++
feed it to the 3rd world's hungry suffering- human guinea pigs Though it is true to certain extent, a great pain is put on the people of the rich nations genetically..For example: use of the leaded petrol in USA since late 20th century 2. use of anti morning sickness drug prescribed to the pregnant women of the western countries in 1958 resulted with kids born missing limb 3. random use of heroine hydro chloride for pain during world war 2 and many many more.. very good poem, concerning genetically modified crops and the possible mutation in the genes of the human, but here everyone of us, the consumers are the guinea pigs..Thank you Adryan
'When I was young I could save seeds- put them in the ground and they'd grow for me'?
[...]money gets greener but in the process we loose the balance between man and nature[...] Very true lines.. Our greed is gradually eating up our future, and sadly we have very little ethics left in us.. Thank you for sharing.
Excellent! It's a tragic fate for humanity, I fear.
Very pertinent subject to write poems on. Genetic engineering was a scientists' concern all this time. Poets too can voice their views to the society. You have done it. Well done, and congratulations for your positioning.
Problems of the world! All done by mankind. Nice work.