Poem By Herbert Nehrlich

Longevity is what you get
when worthy genes meet to combine.
What happens in this world instead
is the creation of a line
of imbecilic, useless creatures,
abnormal chromosomes from hell,
resulting in sub-human features,
in misfits that could never tell
what's right or wrong and what is kindness.
It's not a question of I Q
but one of deaf-mute triggered blindness,
you find examples in the Zoo.

One either has been well-endowed
with all that Nature can bestow
or live forever in a cloud
of idiocy. We all must know
that millions fit that bill of dummies,
they are the ones who should be slaves.
And they would best stay with their mummies,
as there is no one else who saves
these slow, lethargic social floaters
who cannot make a contribution,
who are allowed to act as voters
instead of filling institutions.
They find in their pathetic lives
that it is true that stupid is
who cannot eat with fork and knives,
and can't remember when to piss.
He'll catch the ENVY, it's an illness,
it starts out slowly, then spreads wide
throughout the body to the stillness
of empty skulls and smelly hide.

A major symptom is resentment,
they cannot fathom how it works
that real people have contentment,
live in a world far from those jerks.
So, after years of heavy thinking,
(they all combine their mental powers) ,
they start the day by slowly blinking
and then they waste away the hours
with tricks and nasty sabotage.
They can't create with empty skulls
and withered, dullard, pale visage,
unable to spend time with dolls
they go on rampages to wreck
the trappings of the ones with brains,
and wish they could be neck on neck
with those who have received their gains
by work and wit and common sense,
and through superior genes and traits,
but on the bad side of the fence,
where dogshit smells and vermin waits,
the envy has become so hot
that fulmination has appeared,
it worries normal people not,
it is not something to be feared.
Such illness does consume the masses,
that's why they ridicule our age.
In truth they die, these envious asses,
while we survive, laugh at their rage.

Comments about Genetics

like the poem very educational..
Herbert, try not to descend to the level of your tormentors. They don't have the capacity to craft literate and captivating poetry. You do. This isn't.
herbert genetics yes it can play a big part in behavior patterns in the disadvantaged poets, i wont say anymore herbert as my freedom of speech has been curtailed by the envy group, my cousin had a look at how poets behave he was quite shocked Warm regards allan
Who helped you with the spelling? From the sound of your 'poetry' I think you must smell bad. H

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