Genie`s Melon

I walk cross the road unrest
With limbs swelled in complain
If would walk a little long
They surely will be slain
A week has passed, and
I have not got, the slightest clue
Or reason, why is so tough
In Delhi though to get a cozy mansion
In frustration I kicked a box
That came beneath my legs
Lo! What I see, a melon there
Wrapped lie within some rug
Before I could leap of that thing
And continue in motion
Jinn appeared from melon, and I
Gulped some air in convulsion
He hailed to me, and called upon
Me, addressing as master
And ask me to seek any wish
The genie will deliver.
He told me that on earth or sky
There are no hidden treasures
Which he cannot, but give to me
As I may ask as master
For he may make my sorrows go
And happiness will dance
I may opt for a hundred girls
And he will bring in glance
I wondered on my luck that day
And raised my hands to sky
And praised the lord within my heart
For this amazing guy
The jinn standing in front of me
With both his hands enfold
And I his master looked at him
And ordered him in bold
O! Genie, look and listen me
As this my only fancy
Go bring for me a house to live
And I shall set you free
The genie frowned and fell on ground
And hold hi head in tension
O! Master dear if there were house
Why would I live in melon?

by Gulam Abbas Hashmi

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