Genietail 04 The Telomere's Tale

Shrink wrapped for freshness in telomere tails -
Genes that is, lifestuff -
Tails that tear with each genesplit until they’re gone,
Life too.
One comfort.
Worse than death - a cure for aging
Too expensive for insurance.
Might stem cells heal torn telomeres?
Solves the cloning problem too.


by Stewart McKenzie

Comments (3)

Stewart, great subject for a poem! But, I'm not sure we want indestructible telomeres - a cell knowing when to die is pretty important. Cancer cells have never-shortening telomeres, and look where they get us. Your comment poem is awesome! Is that original? ahhh.. google says it is 'the King'. Cool. -chuck
If living were a thing that money could buy The rich would live and the poor would die
No, telomeres need an abundance of nourishing traditional foods, especially animal fats and proteins (in that order) and plenty of cholesterol. Telomeres are not very forgiving when it comes to processed foods and man made concoctions. They positively hate modern medicine. I liked the poem though. H