Genius, like gold and precious stones,
is chiefly prized because of its rarity.

by Mark Twain Click to read full poem

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still not dead Mark? .......
A classic poem from a great poet. Enjoyed thoroughly the way he penned down the characteristics of a genius.Loved it.10++++++++
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Ah, Mark Twain, love it! But there is a typo in the second stanza. It should be 'dash off' (not of) .
Wonderful words by the amazing writer.
I would like a genius who restrain. I would like his way as long as he is not fake.
A great satire, full of humor and a glowing tribute to so called genius for traits displayed by genius which are not tune with practical life and sanity.
If he hangs on and sticks to poetry, notwithstanding sawing wood comes handier to him, he is a true genius. Such a one sure is a genius!
Great humour in this fright of a write.
One of the top poems of Mark Twain.........
yeet that wheat then yeet that as neat as the last yeet for the yeet that is the most yeeted is the most praised.
Nice and good poem
Hi I wrote this and thanks for the compliments yyyyyyyyy
Hi I wrote this and thanks for the compliments
Mark Twain was a true genius of literature.
Hahaha it makes me feel real good! Such good humor and satire!
The last stanza is the real marker along the path, showing the way...
I have read the biting humor, the gentle humor, the rollicking humor, and the snarky humor in Mark Twain's short stories and his novels, now I get to read it in poetry. He is an American literary jewel- I wouldn't dare say an American literary genius after reading his expose of the species!
A satire. These sort of geniuses irked Mark Twain.
Of all the different signs! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.