Silence Of Winter

Silence of winter
distant from all but my sexual contacts
her bedroom nights
and day friends
memory of my independence vanishing dream
holding on to it, myself
knowing how love can hurt.

Its seduction of me, dissolving my man barriers
biologically, to procreate
or create a new personality, a deepening
humility, her womanhood hands.
Not giving in completely
touching sweetly
but staying strong.

Going into the winter to mark my trees
not flinching in the dark early morning
casting an eye cold as a telescope
moving inexorably
a part of nature, insect, star.
This is how I'll love
and live with her.

by Robert Ronnow

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I like both your version and Linda's, Gershon, as they're both rhythmic and creatively rhymed. I've also enjoyed this latest slice of biblical background. Are we ok again now, Gershy? Gina.