TJ (17th June 1958 / England)

Nature's Fury....Continues!

Devastation everywhere!
Sign of calm...nowhere!
Torpedoes, tornadoes hurricanes!
Storms, rains leaving humans in pains...

Thousand of lives lost
Hundreds of cattle bite the dust
Trees and plants fall to the ground
With unbearable thundering sound

No difference shown in any area
Whether it is America, India or Indonesia
Lakhs of houses inundated
Animals and people marooned...!

Human greed continues
To harp on malicious tunes
Harming their own species
Along with nature's beauties!

If humans are cruel to nature,
It's retaliation will be a recurrent feature
Unless they realize their cost of misadventure,
There is little hope for the generations of future!

(On the Great Hurricane that devastated Carribean Islands recording one of the deadliest one in history)

by Sheshu Babu

Comments (1)

Loved the language and imagery. The first four stanzas are full of multi-disciplinary science references, which makes me wonder if you are a professor or teacher. Hmm.. Your biography is a bit less than revealing. Anyway, great poem! - chuck