(March 19,1955 / Fayette, Alabama)

Gentle Ice Picks

Gentle Ice Picks
Sticking so deep
Some call themselves friends
Into your life they've creeped.

You life is doing fine
And to trust is divine
But don't allow it to linger
Don't give it a lot of time.

You've already seen the warning
You've already heard the voice
You want to heed to your intuition
Before you have no choice.

Having a good job
Means progress and success
Then hear comes the cuts
This will make your life a mess.

You've planned and you've spent
You've gained integrity
Then hear comes some picks
They've been sticking gradually.

Probing and Prying
Sticking then pulling back
Leaving you nervous and on edge
Not knowing how to get on track.

But you have hidden strengths
Somewhere deep down inside
Put all your faith in action
Because still God is by your side.

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