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Gentle Kiss
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Gentle Kiss

Poem By Rachel Fogle

It's like the times when you are little and you know that big surprise.
The one that lights up all your moments and being a kid is the coolest feeling alive.
Then you grow and find love at last, and that feeling is unequal, knowing that this is a blast.

Gentle kiss,
That one from your true love.
It is stars and stripes,
It is that feeling of triumph and trust.

Gentle kiss,
Come stay with me follow me here and above.
Allow me to live in this moment of pure and simple love.

Yet as we grow if it is for real,
That feeling never leaves or comes close to anything we feel.

When children are born it adds to that love.
You pass it on when you kiss your children with such love.

Then you turn eighty and you look to your love still.
And that feeling comes back again and reminds you of your love & will.

To stand the test of time,
And bring love into this world.
To allow anything and everything to fade away and mean nothing, only cherishing what is, and what can be and will.

It is times like that when life seems so short,
That you remind yourself,
The Gentle kiss was loves true voice.

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