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Gentle Kisses

Gentle kisses, you will never miss.
Covering your mine with heavenly bliss.
A passionate touch, shivers begin to start.
You feel the tickle, down deep in your heart.
Your pulse starts to race and catch up to mine,
You feel my love shroud you, you know it is time.
Angels come whisper, softly to my ear.
They say your love depends, your heart is so near.
Your breaths sweet desire, your scent on my skin.
Have we just started, come now lets begin.
A life with out sorrow, fear or pain.
A life of joy and a passion insane.
I am your lover, your one and true friend.
So I ask you to tell me, where ever have you been?
My heart has been waiting, my love is so pure.
When I am upon you, my life feels so sure.
When you are not near, I find my self lost.
When you are not near, my pain it does cost.
So come now and find me, you will not despair.
I will not leave you wanting, you will not have one care.
So as you are waiting, for your life to grow.
Remember I am waiting, it’s your love I know.

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aww its so cute. lol. i like it. its sweet