Gentle Morning Rain

You are as the gentle morning rain
Giving life to all that here below remain
Your scope unlimited across this earth’s terrain
Each speckled spot of moistness
Alights on my face with a gentle wakefulness
Awakening me to your love and gracefulness
In the gentle morning rain.

Your mid day sunlight melts the gentle rain
Your warmth over all of us does reign
The light by which we see and then attain
Each blessed ray of light illuminating
And revealing all that needs our understanding
Even in the dark your eternal light reflecting
You melt the gentle morning rain.

Your afternoon wind carries the gentle rain
Your breath gives us all our life to sustain
Our minds are cleared as you breathe again
Each gasp of breath breathed with life’s zest
How many breaths are measured for this chest
Before all my worldly goods I must bequest
You carry the gentle morning rain.

And when the evening comes that gentle rain
Is still present here, as love it does remain
In the twilight of this day it never goes away
Your love that is the gentle morning rain.

by David Taylor

Comments (2)

Absolutely beautiful.....showing how deep your love for your wife is....As gentle as a soft morning rain. This is lyrical and full of images that capture the reader...Great poem yet again David, but nothing less than that ever comes from you. Shows a compassionate, loving, generous and forgiving soul, not to mention selfless...Not much of that virtue around anymore..'selfless.' my son and his dad and brother land at Heathrow early Sat am out of JFK Fri. pm. For a previously planned [before last Friday & Saturday] 21 days in london and France. To say my stomach is in my mouth is putting it mildly..Well at least it isn't Egypt again which he did when they our two we're so very young....So I worry for all of you there and in Scotland and for my own soon to arrive....Stay Safe David, love from marci.xo. :)
David.....I'm speechless...WOW......I love it