Gentle Soul

Of all the people in the world,
There is none so good as you,
A caring and gentle soul,
Who is honest, kind and true?

God created many things,
With love and tender care,
You are very special,
For what you have you share.

You may not have money,
But your wealth is within your soul,
You radiate love and compassion,
To heal and make all whole.

You give hope to the sick and lonely,
You give love to those in pain,
Your are indeed a guardian angel,
To me it is quite plain.

You think not of self,
Only those in need,
Your path is straight and narrow,
On spiritual knowledge you feed.

Carry on the work you are doing,
Your reward in heaven will be,
Eternal life of goodness,
God’s glory you alone will see.

by Malcolm Bradshaw

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