As Predictable As Fall

The brightest of the blush is off the leaf,
between the aching spaces only brown
remains suspended sparsely in relief,
because the canopy has fallen down.
The transient exuberance that flashed
bright colors which belied their evanescence
relentlessly without regret has crashed,
insentient of splendor in senescence.
Predictably some poets still enthuse
about the changes making them recall
the treachery that treadmill of the muse
recycles like dry leaves that turn each fall.
I fear that I, too, am no less predictable
than nature which produces with God’s brush
recurring pictures than are not depictable
by poets even when they do not rush.

Written on October 26,1997, the day the clock moved forward for the fall. It parallels “Leap of Spring” which was written on April 1,1997. This poem was inspired by Charles Osgood who, introducing a segment on Spoon River, Illinois, said: “The brightest of the blush is off the leaves.”


by gershon hepner

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Love the poem and comments. BTW, Jack, Jim, Glen, Johnny Black and Jose. All my favorite men. ;)
Indeed he does. They met in Tennessee, on a rather rainy day. It was the day before the local elections. Scrapple was served, with hot Southern mustard and Corn Bread with baked on bacon bits. The two gentlemen partook of the other's spirit, not liking it at first but, as time wore on, the enjoyment was mutual. So it was that Gentleman Jack will occasionally be seen with a glass of Glen Fittock on his porch, enjoying the sunset and Glen Fittock has fitted a sign to his horse barn saying 'Jack Lives Here'.
Does he happen to know my friend 'Glen Fittock' which my friend i turn to in similar circumstance, when i have to blot out a womans face and presence It kills the shock, of having your freedom back Warm regards allan