Gentleman Of My Dreams

I dream sometimes of this man that I seem to always know in my dreams. The odd thing is that when I look back at my dreams I can remember nearly every detail about the dream except his face. In the dreams we always seem to pick up where my Life seems to be. Odder still, is that I have no knowledge of who the gentlemen is that keeps starring in my dreams or even if he is a real person, but I find myself looking forward to seeing him again.

You visit me in silence,
When we are both asleep.
We're captives to our pillows
And then in dreams we meet.
With words that are really whispers,
In beaches that are really pretend,
In a place where fact and fiction
Are ours to command and bend.
Subconciously you reach for me
And naturally I stand.
Our connection is to beautiful
For the awake to understand.
All your daily troubles
Are forgotten in my arms
And I a willing captive
To your kisses magical charms.
I feel asleep in daylight
And wait for darkened sky.
At night I'm stolen away
Into the arms of my dream guy....

by Tabitha Castillo

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that's beautiful i feel that way's a great poem..~hazel