(March 19,1955 / Fayette, Alabama)

Gently Fleeting

O the beauty of Love
So refreshing so delightful
So beholding so devoted
So gently fleeting.

O the beauty of Life
So dedicated so filled with joy
So obedient to its presence
So gently fleeting.

O the beauty of Breath
So silent so aware
So endowed so kind
But so gently fleeting.

O the beauty of Friendship
So much laughter so much shared
So harmonious so secure
Yet so gently fleeting.

O the beauty of a Kiss
So sensual so memorable
So lingers yet yearning
But oh, so gently fleeting.

The Love of Life
The Breath of Friendship
Kisses urestrictedly and unnoticed
Yet so gently fleeting.

Across the seas of time
Beyond the ages of imminence
Expels into its dimensions
Onto an unknown path.
It can be given
Or taken away
In the glimpse of an eye
Or the touch of a hand.
No words are spoken
But it is in silence sealed.
Sealed into one common spiritual bond
A declaration in constant pursuance
Voided by its own solitude.
Once again, it eludes
And defies itself.
Never does it escape
But is unintentionally released
By the emotions of the soul
All so gently fleeting.

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