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Gently Passing
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Gently Passing

I chose the day
when she was to die
with spunk still in her
I entered the small room

where I looked into her wonderful eyes
and spoke
to her again

though she seemed not to take notice
of the gravity of the moment
nor the tears

that dropped
off my cheeks
into her fur

she fell
suddenly asleep

in my arms
for the very last time

her memory
a part
of myself

her body
next to her
first born

her soul
I maintain
moves on
in passing

with hopes to meet again
sometime… somewhere

I hold fast
to thoughts of her
and make it so

she’ll turn up
in my dreams

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Comments (4)

I really enjoyed this poem. At the begining I thought you were talking about a human. Hahahaha...but now i think you're talking about a dog right? Over all, nice poem. :) -Rain
So hard to do and I've had to have it done several times. Breaks my heart and I will probably never have a pet again. Thanks for sharing, please continue to do so! Best Wishes, Marilyn
Aww so sad so good! Lylyanna
I like this one. Euthanasia can bring so many emotions, including grief and relief. And peace.