Oh George my loving forever pet
I loved you when our eyes first met

You were just a big black puppy stray
And I will never forget that wondrous day

You were like a child and my little boy to me
And loving all people and animals I could see

When I took out to a field to play
You run and dance as long as I would stay

When I came home to the door late in the dark
I would love and anticipate to hear that bark

I loved to kiss your cold wet black nose
And knew you were content when you dozed

At night when you would stretch out in my bed
I loved to reach down and pat your soft head

Since you were so kind and loving I could never get upset
When you came in the house shaking with your paws all wet

When I carried you crying for the last time to the vet
I know I will see you one day on the rainbow bridge, you bet.

by Eugene Rooney

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