HW (Too long ago / Albert Pike Hospital)

George W And The Xx Ranch?

6-6-64 to 8-21-64 Entry on the National Agency Check Request (DD1584) of 5-28-68, etc.

Did George W return to the XX Ranch by chance
During his forgotten '72-'73 trance?
This remote ranch in Williams, Arizona,
Now a concealed part of his persona?
In the summer of '64 a ranch hand,
But almost a decade later for substances banned?
Living just north of Sonora,
But not to study the flora?
In this area with a population sparse,
Continuing his alleged military service farce?
In a desert and mountain range,
Truth about his military service W did arrange?
Others did pay under the UCMJ,
While W had a long ranch stay?
No longer working for Jack Greenway,
But later only for a military justice delay?
Special treatment so exclusive,
While others received only treatment abusive?
Other military personnel were not so treated,
While W again essentially cheated?

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