Honey, Keep Calm And Carry On

We fight at dawn and we fight at dusk,
We relish the struggle.
Often we sulk and we fight in our sleep,
My wife and I don’t even agree on the antagonistic
Nature of our incandescent relationship:
She is of the wandering type and sometimes
Does not even finish her thoughts.
I am a fighter but I am also a loser: my wife wins
Most of the time, most of the loot.
And if I forget what's what, she reminds me of it
That I lost and flee, empty handed.
It does not matter much as I get back on my feet,
She knows I'll be the first to run in our burning house,
Passing by firemen I’ll have called on the lightened
Match - which flame vacillated in my cupped hand -
And we’ll keep on fighting until there’s no
Black and white referee left in our empty street.

by Marcel Aouizerate

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What wonderful friends your wife obviously has.........very sweet. Sincerely, Mary