(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Get A Grip

This extraordinary trip,
Is going to involve backflips.
Upsetting what is 'normal'
With a normalcy perceived squeezed from it.
Bringing many to vomit.
And leaving many more quite sick.
The awareness of what comes,
Is better than denying none of it comes to exist.

Get a grip!
There is no avoiding it.
Even magic applied will not disguise the ride.
It is going to deliver...
A bump to the rump of those already grumpy.
And lumps galore,
To the throats of those who had been bored.
This is not a tease to appease as before.
Get a grip!
You will witness there is no joking about this!

Only if those using them,
Can promise their use...
Will buffer the screams that begin.
And the first jolt experienced,
Introduces a breathtaking scene.
Some will think gets progressively mean.

Get a grip!
Especially those opposed to reality!
And accustomed to rely on denial to hide them.
This 'trip' is going to hit,
Like an unblocked fist that strikes in transit!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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