Get Away From Me

Poem By Gencay

He has a speed of words, higher than the speed of sound
Everyone can benefit from it
Worldly things are silent
They talk.

As I drink, I sink into the sea of alcohol in me.
I become silent with every glass of outer life.

I'm so sorry I didn't read a book yesterday.
But today, although I may not be happy, I will be at peace.
Because I'm going to read a book soon.

No matter where it blows
There is something inside me.

This is the crazy wind
Crazy than me.

Is there another word left

Can you understand?

You can't understand

Doesn't understand!

He's dead!
Everything is left in half!

You can't understand!

He's dead.

Who are you
Do not touch me
Get away from me
Who are you?

He's dead.

I died too.
Get away from me!

Comments about Get Away From Me

no, I no need your happiness, no need your heaven no need your Eden garden, no need you smiling sun and moon no need the peaceful flying pigeons, no need to live for good life I need you, yes, I need you very much I need your presence in my heart everytime
I wanted you, your breaths, your nerves, your hearts in me I wanted your presence not only in happiness but also in sorrow I wanted you in the scorching summer as well as flowery spring I wanted your words in my words like the holy verse of God I wanted your companionship like the rose and its aroma but now for the sake of good life you left me alone for the sake of good earning and surviving you've gone for the sake of ephemeral happiness you are in difficulties
give not me the flowers, the fragrant give not me the flying birds canvas give not me the shining of rising sun give not me the dusk of chirping birds give not me the warmth kisses on the eve light give not me the rosy beds on the moonlit night
This is the crazy wind Very Crazy than me. Is there another word left Can you understand? .....oh all madness in the love, all craziness of life in that love; love needs mutual understating, love need equal ownership of happiness and sorrow otherwise it will get away too far.....beautifully expressed on the love; congrats for being selected this beautiful poem as POD.....deserves 10++
'Worldly things are silent They talk' - Sometimes, silence is louder than speech. Congratulations on your poem's selection as the 'Member Poem of the Day'!

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