Get Back To Work

Engulfed by a rough cavern of plump gray clouds,
the setting sun shone like a brilliant gemstone.
I stop and admire the shifting sky above me.
I take a moment to breathe, to capture nature’s essence,
a moment to smile at the beauty and awesomeness before me.
In this brief moment I have purpose.
God has laid out this collage of wonders for me to see.
The corners of my eyes moisten.
I feel the tears dripping down my cheeks, slowly tickling my face.
Perhaps this is my defining moment in life.
A moment when God directs me, I lift my hands to my side.
I try to move but I’m stuck in place.
I struggle and shuffle my feet –no I’m really stuck.
Reality rushes in like the sting of Bactine on an open wound.
I look down upon my feet and attempt to lift my shoe.
The gooest of gooey, pale pink bubble gum is stuck to my converse.
I lift my leg as high as a yoga instructor may, but it never separates.
“Thanks” I sigh, looking to the Heavens.
I dry my cheeks and giggle for a moment.
God sent my message, “Get back to work”, I laugh.
I walk away, attaching everything in my path to my bubble gum shoe
each step expelling a fruity bouquet of sweetness.

by P.M. Rocha

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