I'M Afraid To Love You

Everything is perfect,
and nothing makes sense.
One half-silly smile,
a split second knowing glance
and you've lifted me from the ground,
freed me from the laws of man and earth.

And just because of that,
I'm afraid to love you.

It's not your fault.
Don't blame yourself.
It's me.
I'm afraid for you, and I'm afraid for me,
but I still feel my pulse racing
the instant you appear,
a tingling that starts in my fingertips,
then shoots up my body, .. a pulsating lightning bolt
that splashes into my mind
and explodes into.. hot.. blinding white light.
A buzzing, stomping insistence that I recognize
the affect you have on me.
I'm left short of breath, eyes wide, dizzy
and suddenly, longing for your gentle touch.

Chaos inside
I am everywhere
and nowhere.
I am limitless yet tethered
I am willingly losing control
but the fear balances on my edge...
I cannot lose control, again,
and the confusion makes me afraid.
Afraid to love you.

I know
if I let myself
I would be with you forever
which is much longer than a lifetime.
I would take all my choices, my dreams, my fear
and set them at your feet
my.. gifts of sacrifice for the only one
for who I would give my life

I would confess to you my joy
and hide in you my pain
for I know that you would view
each with a critical but loving eye,
You understand that I'm not the perfect man
that I pretend to be
you're ok that sometimes
I'm not even up
to being me.
You accept me as I am.
You're the only one.
It feels so right,
which is exactly why
I'm afraid to love you.

Still, I see it in you.
I'm not that blind.
I can see what I'm afraid to see.
You're eyes shine when I talk to you
of simple things.
You're breath catches in your throat
when you've made me smile
I make you laugh... You make me laugh.
At little things and when we're angry.
When I am near you
I feel as though I should sing.
I wish for nothing
except our songs entwined.
I feel you tremble at my lightest touch.
You are a dove
unfearful of my captive embrace.
I belong to you,
and you to me.

Oh God, help me
because that's exactly why
I'm afraid to love you.....

......but I do....

by TP Sage

Comments (7)

Well this obviously took a lot of thought! Sigh.
Always drunk a nice and great poetry from the great poet. In fact idling mind and killing time is waste of human life and it is wonderful presentation and thinking in the poem and so likes.
My favorite poem. Beautiful words to live by.
What a raw, simple, yet so lovely notion! Ah, but Charles! There is beauty in soberiety aswell haha
'Get drunk! Stay drunk! On wine, virtue, poetry, whatever! ' I love that. And to 'Amber Zenisek', I'm sorry about your situation, but I doubt that was the point Baudelaire was trying to make. And you can't blame your father for your or your brother's behavior. As worthless as your father may be, the only person who can make your life better is you. That was a tough lesson for me to learn, so I wish you the best of luck.
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