Get Me Out Of This Place * Spoken Word*

Get me out of this place
where the politicians make haste
transforming the poor into the waste, d
where abandoned children are forced to weather the weather
but raise hell if Mr suit, tie wearing whoever doesn't have shelter

Get me out of this place
where I'm called a disgrace
if I don't take part in their dictatorship race
and I'm supposed to keep pace
When I can't even afford gas to go plead my case

I want decisions made with the heart not the wallet
finally walk on something solid
I wont stop till we got it
I want to standardize education
make free health-care our new legislation

Hospitals except every patient
from the CEO tycoon to the forgotten Haitian
finally change our societies situation
Lift us all to a new destination
I'm talking about restoration

Get me out of this place
where the homeless are faceless
but there forced to face this
And all I can offer are these words hoping you embrace this
ponder on the meaning a minute before you erase this

because if we don't speak up then there left to the tasteless
We could all stand together from the Evangelist to the sadist
do something to make our forefathers proud and the spirits that await us
Get me out of this place
where folks who mold young minds
get repaid with mere dimes
but estates and luscious pines
to those who comment white collar crimes
its time to change the times

by Daryl Hennix

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