Get Over It

Poem By Juanita Richardson

no matter how much time continues to goes by
no matter how many times i break down and cry
i can't get over this heart ache
i can seem to find peace
or comfort in my mind
yeah im ok
say im doing fine
yeah im thankful to be alive
but everytime i think of you
all i ever want to do
is just want cry
i want to look you in your eyes
and ask you one question
but i dont want your answer to be just another lie
i guess i have learned my lesson
i want to say i forgive you
i want to say its alright
but my heart and my mind are batteling
and either way i loose the fight
my mind says i should have know better
and that in time the pain will ease
but my heart seems to change its thought
with every skip of the beat
i feel like i've lost a part of me
like i will never have it back
and then i wonder if i was just lieing to my self
pretending to have something
that we never had
one minute im feeling free
and the next thing i know im trapped
if you truely loved me
than i would know
i guess i shouldnt have to ask.....

Comments about Get Over It

Commendable work, young lady...Passion and angst working well together...Keep that pen pumping! ~ FjR ~

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