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Get Over Yourself!

There are so many rude people in the world,
At so many people these words I've hurled,
When I go shopping and they knock me out the way,
These are the words i always say,


When folk push in front of me in a queue,
The ones that think of others are very few,
I feel my anger start to bubble,
I know there's going to be trouble.
And I say,


Is it too much to ask that people smile?
It's not like i'm asking them to go that extra mile,
Don't you think it's really sad?
Bad manners make me really mad.
And I say,


So next time some one is rude to you,
Like forget to say thanks or push in a queue.
Something that will make your day,
Remember the words you should say,


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i tell 'em: if you're having a bad day, it might not get no better... especially messin' with me. sometimes what or who you don't know... can hurt YOU! ! ! i always tell folks, i think its best to check my file. treat some folks like children if necessay. you can play over here and over there... just don't play with me! ! ! i think i liked your poem.
funny poem...but i dont think i would lower myself to their level...i prefer to kill people with good manners :) ...keep writing i'm looking forward to reading your poems