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Get Ready - It's Soon
LIW (September 20 1967 / Philadelphia, PA)

Get Ready - It's Soon

Poem By Linda I. Weischedel

Telling you how crazy I am about you
just how long will it fully take before it sinks in,
to express how much
I truly love you, where would I even begin?

Thoughts of you put my mind
in a dimension it could never ever achieve before,
in my mind's eye I visualize you and I
creating a heated passion
that makes me want you more and more,
a yearning hunger, an actual crave, this by which
I have never felt before.

There shall come that beautiful day where we won't
have to supress what we want,
then you can freely open and express how you feel,
that day is skimming near, it is approaching fast,
for what our hearts are feeling is so very real.

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A very wrenching and evocative piece of work, Linda! Well done!