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Get Rid Of The War Planes

Get rid of the war planes, the bombs and the guns
That deprive mothers of their daughters and sons
Without them the World would be a safer place to live in
For in the wars we won't have everybody will win.

On the pathway to peace we can lead the way
By not voting for war loving candidates on Election Day
To talk to our enemies should not be seen as weak
Words of reconcilation should not be hard to speak.

Don't give power to the war men if only for peace sake
To elect them to high office was our mistake
Elect people with compassion who won't abuse their power
People will not respect you though from you they cower.

Get rid of all firearms and give peace a go
Of terrorism and war far too much we know
Vote for anti war candidates on Election Day
On who Governs the Country you do have a say.

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