Get Through In Life

Getting through pain and grief
Courage and strength
Be like a moon

by Seema Chowdhury Click to read full poem

Comments (6)

very good poem to tell in brief...what is wonderful about you is you always instil optimism and hope in readers through your positivity filled writes...congrats, Seema 10/10
Beautiful poem.I enjoyed reading it Keep it up
So beautiful........10
Only one chance to write your life's story....truthful words...I find in you an expedition of life to garland lifeful words..great write Seema..keep writing and thanks for your comment
I find no new words to praise your work, as I have already exhausted all the words I have in appreciation of your every wonderful, thought provoking and meaningful poem. About life, you have written hundreds of poems, which are a life time gift of yours.
Get thru in life, life is only for once.. philosophical.